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how do we get started?

Once we schedule call and you decide we're going to make a great team, we'll drive right in. We'll set up any new systems we need to communicate with each other and I'll dive in. It's SO easy and once the systems are in place, things usually flow really well. 

How long do i have to work with you?

That's the best part - there's no minimum time for us to work together! I want to make sure we're a good fit and that we're working well together - so everything is month to month (or by project depending on what you need!). 

Do i have to schedule a call with you?

You don't HAVE to, but I highly recommend it. It's a great time to talk through exactly what your business needs and how I can help. It's much faster to talk about your needs than email back and forth! You can fill out the contact form to get started or schedule a call directly here: www.calendly.com/kristina-dowler

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