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Blogging ISN'T dead. In fact, it's one of the best ways you can market and share about your business. But, writing isn't everyone's favorite thing to do.

That's where we come in.

As your virtual blog writer, we take care of writing your content, preparing the images, and optimizing your blog for search engines so your hard work doesn't go to waste.  Our team creates copy that sounds like you and shares your heart with the world... all without having to do more than fill out a form each month.

Whether you just need some extra eyes (or hands) on your blog or want to give it up entirely, we're your gals.

Packages start at $450/mo. with a 3 month commitment.


Let's get started!

Choosing, renaming, resizing, watermarking as needed, and preparing images via BlogStomp. 

• Writing copy from your notes on our templates and/or your client questionnaires that's keyword optimized and in your brand voice (seriously, they won't know it's not you!)

• Alt text, categories, meta descriptions and more written to optimize your blogs for online searches! 

• A custom blog schedule on Trello that we'll both access to plan out your content months in advance

What's included:


-Rebecca R.

"Kristina has been such a valuable part of my team from the first day she started with me! She captured my brand voice quickly, and really made it easy to outsource my blogging with the systems she already had in place. And she curates my images beautifully, showcasing the best of the best!" 

1:1 services

My 1:1 services are for the business owner who's looking for the perfect teammate to handle the nitty gritty parts of their business so they can focus on whatever matters most to them. My job is to take over the tasks that consume your time and don't fulfill your heart... but have to be done anyway! 

Packages are custom built based on exact needs, but starting investment is $450/month.

Set up a call!


• Album Design + Editing
• Pinterest Management
• Newsletter Creation
• YouTube optimization + uploads

I'm ready to talk!


Wondering what software I use?

• Canva
• SmartAlbums
• Adobe Photoshop + Lightroom
• Blogstomp
• YouTube

Don't see the software you use? Let me know - I LOVE learning about new programs!


"I felt overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done, and I didn't have time to do the things that I knew would grow my business because I was too busy doing the day to day tasks that, though important, didn't need to be done specifically by me. Kristina stepped in and took those tasks off my plate and through her hard work, professionalism, and attentive personality, has become an integral part of my business. She proactively contributes to the success of my entire business and is amazingly reliable and dependable."
- Alex P.

You want to spend more time with your family, loving on your clients, and creating your art, but feel like you spend too much time writing for your business. 

You're ready to delegate tasks, hand off work, and find the perfect teammate.

You put off blogging because you always have writer's block or find it overwhelming.

You feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to serve your clients well AND keep up with blog content to promote your business.

Is a content writer right for me?

sweet words

Kristina has been an absolutely dream to work with! She crushes the blog copywriting game. We have seen upwards of 30,000+ website views in a month directly from blog posts she has written, as well as half of our YouTube views coming from our blog posts! It’s incredible the traffic she has helped generate for my business, gaining reach and visibility and ultimately new customers as a result. I am beyond happy with the decision to work with her, she has been a cheerleader and a huge blessing for my business over the years!

Stephanie K.

Kristina and her team have been a worthwhile investment. With social media these days, you can't depend on clients finding you. BUT, having SEO on Google will help dream clients find you. My SEO has improved greatly. With outsourcing my blogging, I am now supporting my clients through educational posts and getting to share more recent work on a consistent basis. 

Christina T.

"Since working with Kristina and Brittany, about 42% of my traffic now comes from organic google search. As someone who was getting most inquiries from Instagram, this is a HUGE amazing shift for me (as well as a little peace of mind with never knowing what will happen with IG!) Blogging 100% contributed to this. "

Stephanie B.

Tasks include:
Pinterest Management
and blog writing

"Kristina has been such a wonderful asset to my business! We’ve been working together for 3+ years and she has truly changed my entire workflow. "

Nicole S.

Kristina is a lifesaver! Responsive, productive and my right hand gal. From blogging, to album design she is a valuable aspect of my business!

Sara Z.

Tasks include:
Blog writing + prep and
album design

"Thank you for the blog post - I love what you wrote! And thank you for your speed, I had a client inquiry within hours who saw the post you wrote and loved their story, and wanted to get married at the same place and booked me right away as a result."