This toolkit will help you learn to blog with confidence.

From planning topics to how to prepare your posts, walkthroughs are available for every step of the process.


The Blogging Toolkit

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A walkthrough of creating a blog schedule so that you can plan ahead + plan strategically

Workbooks so that you can brainstorm possible blog topics to fit your brand and business

13 tutorials to help you create a meaningful and optimized blog post that will improve your SEO

What's included:

Get the Toolkit!

 having a blog for all of my sessions has boosted my SEO, brand consistency and the excitement of my clients who can't wait for their sessions to be on the blog! -Toni G.

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to market for your business. But, I know that it's not something that comes naturally to every creative business owners.

That's why I created the Blogging Toolkit.

I want ALL business owners to feel empowered to create their own content that will improve their SEO ratings, enhance their client experience,  and be a great use of their time.  This Toolkit is designed to give you all of the information and tools you need to roll out your blogs quickly, with strategy and intention, so that no keystroke is wasted effort. 

I'm not about wasting your time on silly tasks. Instead, I want you to put your valuable time where it can truly make a difference in your business. On your blog. 

After working as a content writer for six years, I know the power of the pen... or the keyboard. 

I Believe in blogging.